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Headshot Prices

(in studio prices for headshots)

Option 1 - $275 - You will be treated to a two hour headshot session during which time you will have the opportunity for as many looks as you would like during that time, (usually 3 or 4)  You will be able to see live on my laptop screen as we shoot so we can make the appropriate changes to get just what you are after.  No Guess work, you will not leave the Studio wondering if we were able to get the right shots.  I will edit 15 to 20 of the best shots we took of which you will be able to select your choice of 3 high quality downloads, extra downloads are $25 each.    Turn around time is 3 to 4 days

Option 2 - $350 - BEST Offer - If you are looking for a little bit more, you will have the same experience as option 1 but we will get not only the headshots but 3/4 and/or full body shots and

you will receive 8 edited high quality downloads

Each session includes a phone consultation prior to the shoot.  Hair and Make up is recommended for women, they are independent and charge $175 for women and $100 for men.  In most cases I don't believe it would necessary for the men unless you have a serious skin condition you need help with.  I have people I can contact for you or you can bring one yourself if you have a favorite.  Make up artist can usually help with hair but it's not there specialty so come with your hair ready to shoot as you would like it in the shots.

DEPOSIT - A $25 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking.  All major credit/debit cards are accepted. 

               If you would like a MINI session I have two options to offer you.  

Option 3 $175 - Mini Session - You will receive a one hour session, one look and 3 digital downloads.  You will still receive the same experience as option one, live viewing on my laptop as we shoot so as to be assured of creating exactly what you need.

Option 4 - $125 - Mini Session -  You will still receive the services described above.  With this option you will have a 1/2 hour session, one look and one digital download.  

This is a great option for a quick in and out. 


If you're ready for the Best Headshots you've ever had I just might be your guy!

Call today to reserve your spot 909-519-2669 or click on the contact button to the left, provide your information in an email and I WILL call you to set up a Date and Time to talk   

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