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Wayne Wright

Professional Photographer

in Southern California


Family Portrait Photographer

Professional Headshot Photographer

Trained by one of the Top photographers in New York

Personal Background

A little history or background.  I have had a love of the camera since I was a child.  I fell in love with taking pictures by shooting at all the family functions and developed a passion for it at a very young age.  I was the annoying little kid that was always flashing the camera in everyones face.  At that time it was a Kodak instamatic 100 with the "flash cube" attached, anyone remember those?  I would often run out of flash cubes before I ran out of film.  Yes we had to put film in the cameras back then, not memory cards.  

I never lost my passion for photography throughout my youth upgrading my equipment periodically.  It wasn't until I joined the Navy that I finally purchased my first 35mm camera, it was at the PX or (post exchange), that's the store for the military personnel on base to make purchases.  It was the first thing I did when I arrived at my first duty base.  I was having withdrawals from spending three months in "boot camp" without a camera and unable to shoot. The camera was a Mamiya Sekor that I paid $99 for.   I took it with me to many different countries while serving in the Navy.  It even made a trip to the top of Mt. Fuji in Japan. That was in 1970 and I still have it.  

Skipping ahead just a bit. Today I have and use advanced camera and lighting equipment combined with years of experience and to get you the best results. 

Today  I'm a Professional Photographer,

and a member in good standing with PPA

(Professional Photographers of America).

I'm Experienced in many aspects of photography.  

but MORE important is YOUR NEXT Headshot or Family Portrait.

it doesn't matter how many awards I've won,

doesn't matter how many accomplishments I've achieved,

just doesn't matter.  

What matters most is you and YOUR next shoot .

Before we shoot we need to talk;  we need to talk about your needs, are you looking for something to catch the eye of the actors agent for that new role,  are you a business man or woman that wants that professional look that would help you stand out among your peers,  are you a lawyer thats needs to make that first impression to a prospective client that says you mean business.  Are you a doctor that just needs an updated head shot.  There are many reasons for head shots, just to update or maybe its your first, they are equally important.  

Don't settle for a head shot that's just "good enough"  Go for Great! 

We can shoot at the studio of course or I will come to your office and set up.  

Call me 909-519-2669 to set up a consultation or schedule a shoot.

I Provide Professional Photography Services

and stunning prints for all my clients

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